Smoked pork butt. Pork butt or the larger cut, the pork shoulder, is one of the easiest meats to smoke when cooked low and slow. Directions Coat the pork butt with the mustard. Apply the spice rub all over the pork butt, creating a paste with the mustard.

Smoked pork butt It's the ultimate in down-home cooking – ultra-tender, juicy shreds of pork, dripping with fat, slathered in barbecue sauce, piled high on a bun. The smoke should have settled from a thick white to a thin barely visible blue smoke by now as well. One of the most all-purpose meats in barbecue is the smoked pork butt or Boston butt from which we get the famous smoked pulled pork. You can have Smoked pork butt using 6 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Smoked pork butt

  1. You need 7.5 lb of bone-in pork butt.
  2. You need of Organic yellow mustard.
  3. It’s of Apple butter bbq sauce (see recipe in link in step 3).
  4. It’s of Bbq rub (see recipe in link in step 1).
  5. You need of Red wine vinegar.
  6. Prepare of Apple cider.

Smoked pulled pork is extremely easy to make with only a few steps required for getting the pork ready for the smoker. Smoked Pork Butt: Timing is Key. The time may vary based on the consistency of your smoker and the size of the pork. Although other pitmasters may deal with the fat cap differently, Matt prefers smoking pork butt with the fat cap up, so that the fat will gently baste the butt as it slowly smokes.

Smoked pork butt step by step

  1. Smear all sides of the pork butt with the mustard. Dust the entire pork butt with the bbq rub and let sit for 2 hours out of the refrigerator. You can use your favorite rub mix or use the recipe here. Smoked pork back ribs
  2. Get smoker heating up to 275° I used a combo of pear and pecan wood..
  3. Make the apple butter bbq sauce, use recipe in link or your preferred. Seared Pork Chops with Apple Butter BBQ Sauce
  4. Mix equal parts apple and red wine vinegar in a spray bottle..
  5. Place the pork butt in the smoker and let smoke for about 3 hours to get a nice bark on the outside. Spray about every half hour after the 1st hour and a half with the red wine vinegar mixture..
  6. After 3 hours are up or the pork has a nice bark on it pull off the smoker to wrap in foil. Before closing up the foil dust the top with more bbq rub and spray one more time. Also insert a thermometer into the thickest part at this point too..
  7. Place back on the smoker and cook until an internal temperature of 198° is reached..
  8. Once at 198°pull off the smoker and open up the foil to expose the top. Slather a nice coating of the apple butter bbq sauce all over the top and sides. Place back on to the smoker leaving the foil open. Let smoke for 25 more minutes to set the glaze and let the internal temp hit 200°..
  9. Cover loosely and let sit of at least half an hour..
  10. The bone will pull out with no resistance. Gently pull apart the meat and remove any stray pieces of fat that didn't completely render..
  11. Serve on a brioche bun and with homemade coleslaw. Over eating will definitely happen so don't be ashamed :).

Most smoked pork butt recipes call for a bone-in pork shoulder, sometimes also labeled a Boston butt roast or a pork butt. All of these labels are for the exact same cut of pork. None of them actually come from the butt end of the pig (which can definitely be confusing), but from the upper part of the shoulder. Cover pork with a light coat of the "glue" mixture to help the rub stick. Sprinkle generously with rub, making sure to work it into the meat.


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