Chocolate Cream & Cocoa Swiss Rolls. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Bring The Colours You Love To Life, With Paint From Valspar. If You Can See It, We Can Mix It. The easiest way to make chocolate whipped cream is with an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment.

Chocolate Cream & Cocoa Swiss Rolls Method Melt the chocolate in a bowl set over a pan of simmering water. (Do not allow the base of the bowl to touch the surface. Beat the butter in a bowl until soft, then gradually beat in the icing sugar. Add the vanilla extract and beat again. You can have Chocolate Cream & Cocoa Swiss Rolls using 9 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Chocolate Cream & Cocoa Swiss Rolls

  1. Prepare of Sponge Cake.
  2. Prepare of Cake flour.
  3. It’s of Cornstarch.
  4. It’s of Eggs.
  5. You need of Sugar.
  6. You need of Hot chocolate mix or sweetened cocoa powder.
  7. It’s of Chocolate cream (Recipe ID: 1009346).
  8. Prepare of bars Milk chocolate.
  9. It’s of x 2 Heavy cream.

Fold in the melted chocolate until completely. Heat the cream in a non-stick pan and bring it to boil. Remove from the flame, add the chocolate and mix well to get a smooth mixture. Cool to room temperature while whisking continuously.

Chocolate Cream & Cocoa Swiss Rolls step by step

  1. Break the chocolate into small pieces and melt suspended over a pan of boiling water..
  2. Add the cream to a bowl and whip with a hand mixer. Pour in the melted chocolate from Step 1..
  3. Mix the chocolate and cream together briskly with a whisk..
  4. Keep whisking until fully mixed..
  5. Make a meringue by whisking together the egg whites with a hand mixer..
  6. In a separate bowl, combine the egg yolks and sugar with the sifted flour, cornstarch and cocoa. Add 1/3 of the meringue and mix until smooth..
  7. Add the rest of the meringue in 2 more batches and mix in..
  8. Line a baking tray with baking paper and pour the mixture from Step 7 in from a height to eliminate any excess air. Bake for 10 minutes in an oven preheated to 180℃..
  9. Once baked, wrap tightly in cling film whilst still warm. (Once cooled, peel away the wrap to get rid of the burnt surface)..
  10. Lay the sponge on top of some baking paper and spread the cream from Step 4 evenly over the top. Heap the cream up more on the side closest you so that the middle of the rolled cake is more cream-filled..
  11. Roll the sponge away from you gently. Then wrap with cling film and chill in the refrigerator to finish..
  12. Fluffy Strawberry Cream Swiss Roll..
  13. Matcha Swiss Roll Adzuki Cream.

Add the whipped cream and fold it in gently. Chill the mixing bowl and whisk ahead of time. Remove the bowl and whisk from your mixer. Add the vanilla extract and dry ingredients into the bowl. Place the chopped chocolate in a medium bowl.


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