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Recipe: Appetizing Bacon baguete stuffed with chicken and vanilla milk

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This chicken recipe appeared first (about a month ago) on Recipes Worth Repeating, where I am a guest contributor. After your chicken is stuffed, tightly wrap it in bacon so that minimal stuffing will leak out during the baking process. Place the chicken breasts on a pan along with some potatoes, then bake the until the chicken is cooked through, bacon is crispy and potatoes are tender. You can cook Bacon baguete stuffed with chicken and vanilla milk using 15 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Bacon baguete stuffed with chicken and vanilla milk

  1. It’s of Baguete.
  2. You need of Mayonnaise.
  3. Prepare of Mozzarella cheese.
  4. Prepare of Parmesan cheese.
  5. You need of Oven baked chicken (will be posting my chicken recipie soon).
  6. You need of Bacon stripes.
  7. It’s of vanilla milkshake.
  8. It’s of Vanilla ice cream.
  9. You need of Whipping cream.
  10. You need of Whipped dairy cream.
  11. It’s of Cake toppings.
  12. Prepare of Ice.
  13. You need of Full cream milk (any of your choice).
  14. Prepare of Blend all ingredients in a power blender.
  15. It’s of Ready to drink.

Add a sprinkle of parsley, then serve and enjoy. STUFF CHICKEN- Gently cut through the center of the chicken breast to create a pocket (careful not to cut all the way through). Stuff the chicken with the mushrooms, bacon and cheese and then sear and cook the chicken breast. BAKE: Add the leftover mushrooms and bacon to the skillet, top with cheese and pour the sauce over everything.

Bacon baguete stuffed with chicken and vanilla milk step by step

  1. Set oven at 170 degrees.
  2. Cut the baguete into two halves.
  3. Spread mayonnaise generously.
  4. Shred the oven baked chicken and spread it over the baguete.
  5. Add grated mozzarella cheese and a little parmesan cheese just for the taste.
  6. Seal the baguete with bacon strips (please note that I personally got the wrong type of bacon hence the hullabaloo).
  7. Place parchment paper over the oven pan and place the baguete on top.
  8. Bake for 45 mins.
  9. Enjoy your šŸ„˜.

Dip chicken into melted butter to coat both sides, then dip into bread crumbs to coat completely. Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta. View Recipe this link opens in a new tab "These chicken breasts stuffed with ricotta cheese, spinach, and wrapped with bacon are a sure-fire way to impress," says Kitty KaBoom, the recipe submitter. See more ideas about cooking recipes, yummy food, recipes. In this recipe, you'll dunk the bread in an egg, milk, vanilla and sugar mixture resulting in one luscious coating.


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