Chocolate cream biscuits shakešŸŒŸ#ramadankitayari. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders I have used vanilla ice cream and just biscuits with milk. Biscuit milkshake is a quick and easy filling treat drink for your kid back from school. Then add the cream biscuit and blend again until its smooth and creamy.

Chocolate cream biscuits shakešŸŒŸ#ramadankitayari Add the biscuit without cream to milk and blend using the whip option in mixie. Then add the cream biscuit and blend again until it's smooth and creamy. Add the chocolate sauce and sugar and mix well. You can have Chocolate cream biscuits shakešŸŒŸ#ramadankitayari using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chocolate cream biscuits shakešŸŒŸ#ramadankitayari

  1. You need of BiscuitsšŸ‘‰6-7.
  2. It’s cup of MilkšŸ‘‰3/4.
  3. You need of SugaršŸ‘‰depend on you.

Pour into individual serving glasses and add any topping of. This one is truly a blessing for those who love peanut butter and chocolate. In this shake, the two primary ingredients complement each other in way that adds to the flavour of the shake. Chocolate Chip Cookies & Ice Cream!

Chocolate cream biscuits shakešŸŒŸ#ramadankitayari instructions

  1. Take a juicer add biscuits in the juicer.
  2. Add milk and sugar in the juicer ther cover the juicer.
  3. Crush them in juicer machine and take in the glass ready!.

This is a great summer treat! A scrumptious milkshake with Oreo biscuits. Cream butter and sugar, add eggs and beat well. Add dry ingredients and mix to a soft dough. Rite chocolate Milkshake- this rite milkshake is very tasty and easy to make it takes less then a minute to make this yummy rite shake.


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