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One Killer Burger The chorizo added to the burger meat adds a great smoky flavor. Add the toppings and the chipotle mayo, these burgers are amazing! Combine beef, chorizo, salt & pepper, and onion and mix together in a bowl. You can cook One Killer Burger using 11 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of One Killer Burger

  1. You need of 80/20 ground beef(can use sirloin,chuck or round).
  2. Prepare of chorizo sausage(mild or medium).
  3. Prepare of minced onion.
  4. It’s of colb jack cheese/pepper jack cheese(or shredded).
  5. You need of tomatoes.
  6. Prepare of lettuce.
  7. You need of sliced onions.
  8. You need of sliced pickles.
  9. You need of cooked bacon.
  10. You need of Chipotle mayo(recipe in directions).
  11. Prepare of salt and pepper to taste.

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One Killer Burger instructions

  1. In large bowl, combine beef, chorizo and minced onion. Divide into 4 large patties or 6 smaller ones..
  2. Grill to your liking (well, med., rare, etc…) I cook mine to a internal temp. of 155°F. Top with cheese and let start meting right before transferring to a platter..
  3. Chipotle mayo– 1/2 cup your favorite mayo and stir in 1-2 TBL. chipotle peppers in adobe sauce. If you like it really spicy you can add more adobe sauce or chop up a pepper and add in, 1 TBL. lime juice. Stir well..
  4. Dress buns with chipotle mayo place patty on bun then add toppings of your liking to your burgers..

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