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Recipe: Perfect Pellet Grill Brisket

Pellet Grill Brisket. Smoke fat-side-down, spritzing with apple cider vinegar. Pellet Grill Brisket Recipe The only thing it takes to create amazing brisket on a pellet grill is time! Some folks might claim that the only way to produce a brisket with authentic Texas-style bark and a smoke ring is by cooking it on a stick burner pit, but I'm hear to show you how you can do it on a pellet grill.

More experienced smokers will even be able to tell the brisket's done without using a thermometer, but rather by just looking at it. Beef brisket is also one of the toughest cuts of meat out there and needs to be smoked a long time to become tender and juicy. But knowing how to cook beef brisket on a pellet smoker will aide you in creating the best brisket around. You can cook Pellet Grill Brisket using 5 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Pellet Grill Brisket

  1. You need of Brisket.
  2. It’s of Salt.
  3. You need of Pepper.
  4. You need of Garlic Salt.
  5. You need of Rosemary.

It can even cut down the amount of time needed to cook the beef and create less work in the long run. The brisket portion of beef is cut from the underside of the steer located near the chest or breast area. This is a particularly tough cut of beef that lends itself perfectly to low and slow cooking on a pellet grill. Brisket is abundantly rich in fat and collagen.

Pellet Grill Brisket instructions

  1. Trim fat down to 1/4” on brisket. Take all hard fat off.
  2. And a heavy coating of fresh cracked black pepper. Add all other seasonings to taste.
  3. Heat up smoker to between 225-235 and place brisket in fat side down and smoke for 5 hours.
  4. After 5 hours pull brisket off and wrap in parchment paper. Leave smoker and same temp and put brisket back on..
  5. Cook brisket until it hits 200 degrees Fahrenheit then pull of..
  6. Place brisket in oven still wrapped. Don’t turn oven on just let it rest for 1.5-2 hours.
  7. After resting slice and enjoy.

This results in a quite tasty cooked protein. Brisket that is overly smoked — which is usually the result of lack of oxygen in the smoker — can result in an acrid taste. Whole brisket includes the fatty point as well as the leaner flat. The Green Mountain pellet grill is up to the task of slow and low cooking that you need to make your inner barbecue spirit come out and create a masterpiece. Any Brisket is a feat and some may call it a right of passage when on the road to true barbecue perfection.


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