Vegetarian Thai Green Curry. Made to a traditional family recipe. Heat the oil in a large flameproof casserole dish with a tight-fitting lid. Pour in the hot stock, coconut milk and Thai fish sauce (if using) and bring to the boil.

Vegetarian Thai Green Curry This vegan Thai green curry is quick and easy to make, and packed with flavour and fragrance to give you a real taste of Thailand. Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a large soup pot, add the tofu and fry until crisp and browned on all sides. Remove and place on a paper towel lined plate. You can have Vegetarian Thai Green Curry using 24 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Vegetarian Thai Green Curry

  1. It’s of For the green curry paste:-(makes approx.1cup).
  2. You need 1-2 tbsp of finely chopped lemon grass stem.
  3. It’s 2-1 cup of chopped coriander.
  4. You need 3-1/4 cup of roughly chopped onions.
  5. It’s 4-1 tbsp of roughly chopped garlic.
  6. Prepare 5-10 of green chillies,roughly chopped.
  7. You need 6-1 tbsp of coriander powder(dhania).
  8. Prepare 7-2 tbsp of cumin seeds powder.
  9. It’s 8-1/2 tsp of freshly kalimirch.
  10. It’s 9-25 of mm ginger.
  11. It’s 10 of – salt to taste.
  12. You need 11-1/2 tsp of lemon juice.
  13. Prepare 12-1/4 tsp of grated lemon rind.
  14. Prepare of For the curry:-.
  15. You need 1-3/4 cup of green curry paste.
  16. It’s 2-1 1/2 cups of coconut milk.
  17. It’s 3-1 tbsp of oil.
  18. It’s 4-1/4 cup of paneer cubes.
  19. Prepare 5-3/4 cup of parboiled broccoli flores.
  20. You need 6-1/2 cup of zucchini(kaddu).
  21. It’s 7-1/2 cup of thickly sliced mushrooms.
  22. It’s 8-1 pinch of sugar.
  23. Prepare 9 of -salt to taste.
  24. You need 10-1/4 cup of red capsicum cubes.

Curry Peel and dice the onion and ginger. Use the other half of the oil and fry them in a pot on medium heat for a couple of. Add the frozen vegetables and give them a few minutes to cook. In the meantime wash the snow peas and add them to the other vegetables in the pan.

Vegetarian Thai Green Curry step by step

  1. For the green curry paste:-. Combine all the ingredients and blend in a grinder to a fine paste,using enough water..
  2. How to proceed:-.
  3. Heat the oil in a non stick pan,add the green curry paste and saute on a medium flame for 1 minutes..
  4. Add the paneer, broccoli florets, zucchini,mushrooms,mix well and saute on a medium flame for 1 minutes..
  5. Add the coconut milk,mix well and cook on a medium flame for 2 minutes..
  6. Add the sugar and salt,mix well and cook on a medium flame for 1 more minutes..
  7. Serve hot with steamed rice..

Give the rice some time to cook as you prepare all the vegetables. Drain the tofu and squeeze it gently to release some. This vegetarian Thai curry from the Hairy Bikers is chock-full of healthy vegetables in a flavourful coconut sauce. Place a wok or large frying pan over medium-high heat. Add the tofu or chickpeas and stir until all ingredients are covered well with sauce.


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