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Easy Red Soup Recipe Instead of waiting for the soup to cool and pureeing in a blender, I used an immersion blender right in the pan. Add the carrot, celery, onion, and salt and stir to combine. Add the lentils, water or broth, and bay leaf and bring up to a boil. You can have Easy Red Soup Recipe using 8 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Easy Red Soup Recipe

  1. You need of Fresh tomatoes, pepper and onions.
  2. Prepare of Meat.
  3. Prepare of Oil.
  4. It’s of Curry powder.
  5. Prepare of Ginger.
  6. Prepare of Salt.
  7. Prepare of Maggi.
  8. Prepare of Potassium Alum (Kanwa).

Place bowls on a baking sheet. Wash the red cabbage, quarter, remove and discard middle part, and cut into stripes. Melt butter in a large pot. Add the cabbage and cook for a couple of minutes.

Easy Red Soup Recipe step by step

  1. Wash your vegetables with salt at least 3 times..
  2. Blend in a blender. #Dont make it too soft..
  3. Wash the meat and put it inside the blended veggies and put in a pot. Add salt. Put the potassium alum inside small amount of water, rinse and add the water to the veggies..
  4. Cook till the water dries up. Add oil and start to fry. Stay near so that it didn't burn..
  5. Once it is almost done, add Maggi. You can use any or add two or more than #But it is advisable that you cook Ajinomoto with the veggies before even starting to fry. You choose #I used Maggi star and Onga.
  6. Add sliced onions, small amount of grated ginger and Curry powder. Make it taste good. Add small amount of water. After 1 minutes, off the stove and you are done..
  7. Can be eaten with White rice,Alkubus, bread or anything. Enjoy #Homemade is the best. 💞.

This easy red lentil soup takes on a bold Greek twist! A creamy, extra smooth red lentil soup with a few ingredients that bring about the robust Greek flavors we love: – Aromatics: garlic, onion, and sweet carrots are sauteed in quality extra virgin olive oil until tender and fragrant. Red Pea Soup is my all-time favourite soup! It's a thick and flavourful soup chock full of meat, starchy vegetables and chewy dumplings. Like most Jamaican soups, Red Pea Soup is more like a stew.

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