Ngwaci and nduma fritters. Ngwaci and nduma fritters Lynnette Nyanjau. Boiled nduma and ngwaci Pancake batter (see previous recipe) Cooking oil Steps. Slice the nduma and ngwaci thinly.

Ngwaci and nduma fritters Most times it was the super healthy stuff like dark leafy greens, pulses like ndegu (green grams) , cow peas, ngwaci (sweet potatoes) and definitely nduma (arrow roots) I hated nduma. Up till now I do not have a liking for ndumas. See recipes for Nduma, Arrowroots(nduma) and potatoes too. You can have Ngwaci and nduma fritters using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Ngwaci and nduma fritters

  1. Prepare of Boiled nduma and ngwaci.
  2. It’s of Pancake batter (see previous recipe).
  3. Prepare of Cooking oil.

Cooking has no limitation or rule…to make authentic and unique cuisines you need to be wild in thoughts and find inspiration. Let's get wild and have a bit o. In kenya Nduma aka arrowroots are often boiled and eaten as a snack for breakfast with tea or mixed with other vegetables/meat to make a stew. A sweet potato (ngwaci) with tea or milk is breakfast for most Bantus living in the central part of Kenya.

Ngwaci and nduma fritters step by step

  1. Slice the nduma and ngwaci thinly. Heat your pan..
  2. Coat them in the batter and cook both sides with little oil..
  3. Your kids will love this..

Traditional vegetables stew Hello lovelies, Happy new week. In today's video we are making some nduma crisps which I know many of y'all loveeee. It's soooo easy, quick and ge. Peeled arrow roots and chop into medium size pieces. Then put in a pot (Sufuria) and add water to the level of the arrowroots (ndumas).


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