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Recipe: Perfect Dinosaur Beef Ribs

Dinosaur Beef Ribs. Makes the perfect for BBQ Beef Ribs. Cooked low and slow the Dinosaur Beef Ribs are always a big hit. For the smoked dino beef ribs: Coat the beef ribs in the Worcestershire sauce.

First thing you need to know is exactly what is a "Dino Beef Rib". These ribs come from the Short Plate section of a cow's rib cage and they're typically found cut into smaller portions and sold as beef short ribs. Sometimes called "Dino-Ribs," these beef ribs are some of the meatiest beef ribs in Texas. You can cook Dinosaur Beef Ribs using 4 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Dinosaur Beef Ribs

  1. Prepare of Bone in short ribs.
  2. You need of Montreal Seasoning.
  3. Prepare of Granulated Garlic.
  4. It’s of Beef Stock.

Louie Mueller rubs these Dino Ribs with salt and cracked black pepper and then slow-cooks them over post oak wood with tender loving care. There is arguably no bigger BBQ show stopper than authentic dinosaur sized Texas beef ribs, seasoned perfectly with beef rib rub then slow smoked until the meat is melt-in-the-mouth tender. Just how popular are these giant BBQ beef ribs? Dubbed "dino bones" because of their size, these ribs are actually just your regular beef variety!

Dinosaur Beef Ribs instructions

  1. Get smoker heating to 285°. While it's heating up trim as much excess fat off the top of the ribs. Don't pull the membrane off the bone side of the ribs, there is no meat on that side and it helps them stay together while cooking..
  2. Dust all sides with the montreal seasoning and granulated garlic. Let sit to get the chill off while the smoker heats up..
  3. Place on the smoker and cook uncovered for 3-4 hours. Keep the temperature between 275°-300°..
  4. The size of your ribs will determine how long you need to cook, mine were on the larger size so to get the color and amount of fat rendering it took me about 4 hours uncovered..
  5. Wrap in foil and cook for another 2-4 hours. Pour about half a can of beef stock (6-7oz homemade) in the bottom of the foil first before putting the ribs in. This will not only add flavor but steam them as well..
  6. You're looking for an internal temp of around 200°. The main thing is the thermometer goes into the meat easily without any resistance. I was expecting to cook covered for about 3 hours but mine took 4 hours. We did have some pop up storms and rain that lasted longer than supposed to so I did end up with greater fluctuations in my temps than wanting..
  7. Leave wrapped and let cool for about an hour. Unwrap and you'll see the meat has drawn back a good amount and the stock and drippings have pooled in the bottom to make a great dipping sauce..
  8. Slice the ribs and behold the beautiful smoke ring 🙂 Serve with your favorite sides and dive right in caveman style!.

Wagyu Meaty Beef Back Ribs BBQ are thick, and slab cut. Wagyu Meaty BBQ Beef Ribs are ready to smoke (Meat is shipped frozen.) Short Plate ribs or Loaded beef ribs, which are cut from the lower portion of the rib cage and often have a nice layer of fat-laced meat sitting on top. The challenge is finding ones that would live up to the beef rib expectations.. This cut is sometimes called "Dinosaur Ribs," costata (Italian), costillas del lomo (Spanish), côtes de. Grab the ribs and position them on the rack over the drip pan.


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