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Recipe: Yummy Simple Mukimo with beef stew #4weekschallenge# #authormarathon#

Simple Mukimo with beef stew #4weekschallenge# #authormarathon#. Mukimo can be served with different accompaniments, and the best stew for mukimo is beef stew. Mukimo Recipe: DIY Procedure To save on energy, mix Peas and Potatoes and boil them together. When almost cooked add your boiled maize and salt to taste.

It is a side dish made by mashing beans, corn, potatoes along with some other vegetables and served with beef, chicken and according to Susan, just about anything. She served it with an African Beef Stew called Kitoeo and some greens. Not only is this dish quite tasty, it has to be nutritious with all the vegetables included. You can cook Simple Mukimo with beef stew #4weekschallenge# #authormarathon# using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Simple Mukimo with beef stew #4weekschallenge# #authormarathon#

  1. Prepare 3 of small bunches of chopped pumpkin leaves.
  2. You need of Full 2kg tin of potatoes.
  3. You need to taste of Salt.

Mukimo Recipe: Mukimo is a meal whose origin is Central Kenya (Agikuyu community) but it's being served in hotels across the country keeping in mind of the diversity of Kenyan people. So if you have been wondering on how to prepare these meal at home,here is a simple recipe to guide you through. Mukimo can be served with beef stew, chicken stew and Kachumbari on the side. A cold fruit juice will also come in handy.

Simple Mukimo with beef stew #4weekschallenge# #authormarathon# step by step

  1. Prepare the ingredients and set them aside. Simple Mukimo with beef stew #4weekschallenge# #authormarathon#
  2. Boil potatoes together with the vegetables and salt until they are fully cooked and then mash them..
  3. Serve the Mukimo with beef stew while hot and enjoyi)..

There are many variations of mukimo recipe. Some people use spinach as a substitute for the pumpkin leaves or beans to substitute for the green peas. In some communities, pumpkin is used as a substitute for potatoes. No ceremony or celebration of any kind (especially among the communities from Mt. Kenya) is complete without tasty Kenyan mukimo.


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